Imagining the future-self

To understand that my reality is somehow connected to my imagination was hard for me. I always got caught as a “dreamer”, because I get so focused on my inner thoughts. But sometimes, it felt like living another experience, just by imagining the situation. I went after this big question, which I didn`t understand.

It is a scientific fact, that your brain doesn`t know the difference between what you are imagining, and what you are actually experiencing. In your mind the same neurons get wired and fired while visualizing a momentum. By creating a thought combined with a strong emotion (certain neurochemical hormones), our minds are tricked into believing to experiencing this moment. We have the power to control our thoughts, which are influencing and sending impulses to the subconscious mind. Our conscious mind reacts like a filter. It sorts the information from the environment out and letting only (for the individual) useful impulses reaching the subconscious mind. Thoughts which will reach the subconcious mind, are connected with a strong belief, a corresponding feeling and a clear visualization.

Logic will get you from A to B,

but imagination will take you anywhere.

Albert Einstein

One practical way, which I will talk about another time, is to use specific affirmations. It is a short sentence which describes your goal or the future-self you want to be. To practice this method, it is important to know, how to influence your mind the right way. Remember, the subconscious takes us by our words. It can`t differentiate between reality and Imagination. I like to see our whole consciousness as a bridge between those counterparts.

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