What is reality?

It is a very radical question, which can only bring radical and double-edged answers. I am unfolding this question for the humans having this curiosity, that there must be something deeper beyond the deceived construct of reality.

Reality is infinite consciousness such as infinite Imagination. We assume that there must be physical objects and a materialistic/external reality. We have to realise that everything is consciousness. From our birth on consciousness is misunderstood by the conditioned subconsciousness mind. Without imagination nothing can exist. Our minds cannot diifer between reality and imagination. All of our memories and our beliefs about the physical reality are in fact imagined by the field of infinite consciousness. We are the creator of this universe. We are the programmer of this simulation. Consciousness is nothing but the projector of reality, which has no form and no shape.

Consciousness is not held by time and space, nor is it held by the neurons in our brains. It is rather that life and reality are held by the imagination of our consciousness, so everything we know and don`t know is contained within the frames of our consciousness. To think that we are limited by physical laws and rules, to think there is such thing as impossibility is within the imagined projectory of consciousness. There are no rules in our dreams, And those very dreams are held within our infinite imagination. Reality is no different from the dreams we experience. Both arises from our imagination and consciousness.

Now the question is how can the states of reality differ, when it is all connected to the same source? That is where the magic happens. See, everything arises out of nothing, Everythig we perceive within space and time is created by nothing. The atoms making up our whole body and the universe, are nearly 100% emptiness. Consciousness is purely empty and that is why differences can arise out of nothing. There is this transforming energy, which creates something out of nothing. That pure void is where god is found, and to realise that we imagine the world through the eyes of god fills up the void of infinite consciousness. Just to state clearly, I don`t believe in a religious god, neither do I support the deceived understanding of god. More do I mean the void and the nothingness of reality, which creates the infinite source, from where all of our experiences, thoughts, emotions and visions arises.

We are god dreaming up this world, while we are lost in this dream.

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